Whether Greenlandspharmacy.com is licensed or not?

Certainly, Greenlandspharmacy.com is a licensed pharmacy selling prescription medications. You can check out our license number on the homepage of our website.

What are the hours of operation?

Greenlandspharmacy.com is a 24-hours working online pharmacy for throughout the year. Our customer services are available from Monday-Friday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST.

How do I contact your pharmacists?

To contact our pharmacists online, send your queries by either using the “Contact Us” option on our website or emailing us at the email address given on Greenlandspharmacy.com homepage.

How can I get discounts at greenlandspharmacy.com?

At Greenlandspharmacy.com, you have quite a few opportunities to save more on your purchase of medicines:

We have exclusive rewards and offers for you. You can also earn rewards by our rewards Point Program through which you can earn points on your purchases. Once you receive enough points, you can convert your points into rewards and redeem them on your future purchases. You will have more and more savings if you shop regularly.

We also offer impressive discounts for our regular customers. In addition to that, you will get seasonal and occasional discounts on Greenlandspharmacy.com.

What are the privacy policies of your pharmacy?

At Greenlandspharmacy.com, your privacy is extremely important to us. To get an in-depth insight into our privacy policies, please visit the “Privacy Policy” section on our website.

What are Greenlandspharmacy.com security policies?

We commit to protect the confidentiality of your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, or payment information. We never share these data with any third person or company. It is only for the use of our authorized personnel to process your order.

Please know that all the information provided to us is subject to privacy laws. We use the latest and most secure electronic security measures and protect our servers using secure firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Do you accept insurance plans?

We do not accept insurance plans. However, we provide an invoice of your order receipt against which you can claim your insurance.

But we assure you that you will find our low-priced medicines to be of great value compared with that of your insurance plan.

What is the procedure of return/refund?

To know about our return or refund policy, go to “Shipping Policy” then “Return Policy” or “Refund Policy.”

Is it safe to use my credit or debit card at Greenlandspharmacy.com?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use your credit or debit card on our website. Greenlandspharmacy.com applies third-party payment processing services to process credit or debit card payment transactions. These are certified payment gateways for making transactions.

Why is the product I received is different from the image on your website?

Although we make efforts to ensure that all the product images on our website are identical to the original medicines that you receive, sometimes actual product color may vary from the pictures shown on the site. We cannot guarantee the accurate representation of the product images because your computer monitors may have different color settings. Note that the pictures shown on our website are for reference purposes only.

Medicine-Related Questions

Are your medicines safe?

Absolutely. The medicines that you purchase from our pharmacy are of the highest quality. The prescription medications we provide are FDA (Food and Drug Administrations) approved. The government licenses the manufacturers supplying us remedies, and all the medicines are manufactured and packaged under government supervision.

Why do your medicines look different from the ones I get from my local pharmacy?

According to government laws, generic pills should not look like trade ones. So, the generic pills you usually buy from local pharmacies look different from the branded medicines, even though both contain the same active ingredients and work in precisely the same way.

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs, also known as generic medicines or generics, are that drugs marketed without trade names and are identified as their brand-name counterparts in all respects such as dose, strength, active ingredients, dosing instructions, administration route, efficacy, safety, and bioavailability. As required by the FDA and DEA, generic medicines should meet the same standards as set for brand-name counterparts.

Do you sell generic drugs?

Yes. Greenlandspharmacy.com sells generic as well as brand drugs.

How safe is it to use generic drugs?

All the generic medicines on our website are procured from the world-renowned manufacturer and meet the rigorous specifications. They are strictly regulated for potency, safety, and quality. By law, generic medicines are bio-equivalent of their brand-name medications counterparts.

Why are generic medicines cheaper?

Generic medicines are cheaper than brand-name versions. Not because they are unsafe. They also contain the same active ingredient as their brand name counterparts. Generic drugs are less expensive because they may not provide the same active ingredients. Also, brand name medications are produced by world-famous pharmaceutical companies after the research of several years in high-class settings. It makes them much costlier than generic medicines.

Regardless of whether Greenlandspharmacy.com is authorized?

Greenlandspharmacy.com is an authorized drug store selling professionally prescribed prescriptions. You can look at our permit number on the landing page of our site.

What are the active times?

Greenlandspharmacy.com is a 24-hours working internet-based drug store for overtime. Our client administrations are accessible from Monday-Friday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST.

How would I contact your drug specialists?

To contact our drug specialists on the web, send your inquiries by either utilizing the “Get in touch with Us” choice on our site or messaging us at the email address given on the Greenlandspharmacy.com landing page.

How might I get limits at greenlandspharmacy.com?

At Greenlandspharmacy.com, you have many chances to save more on your acquisition of medications:

We have selected rewards and offers for you. You can likewise procure compensations by our prizes Point Program through which you can acquire focus on your buys. When you get an adequate number of focuses, you can change over your focuses into remunerations and recover them on your future buys. You will have an ever-increasing number of investment funds on the off chance that you shop routinely.

We additionally offer great limits for our ordinary clients. What’s more, you will get occasional and incidental limits on Greenlandspharmacy.com.

What are the protection arrangements of your drug store?

At Greenlandspharmacy.com, your security is critical to us. To get inside and out knowledge into our protection approaches, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the “Security Policy” segment on our site.

What are Greenlandspharmacy.com security approaches?

We resolve to safeguard the privacy of your data, for example, your name, address, telephone number, email address, or installment data. We never share this information with any third individual or organization. It is just for the utilization of our approved workforce to deal with your request.

If it’s not too much trouble, realize that all the data given to us is dependent upon security regulations. We utilize the most recent and most secure electronic safety efforts and safeguard our servers utilizing secure firewalls to forestall unapproved admittance to your information.

For more data in regards to the security of your information and installment, visit our “Terms and Conditions.”

Do you acknowledge protection plans?

We don’t acknowledge protection plans. Nonetheless, we give a receipt of your request receipt against which you can guarantee your protection.

In any case, we guarantee you that you will view our low-estimated drugs as of incredible worth contrasted and that of your protection plan.

What is the technique of return/discount?

To be familiar with our return or discount strategy, go to “Transportation Policy” then, at that point “Merchandise exchange” or “Discount Policy.”

Is it protected to utilize my credit or check card at Greenlandspharmacy.com?

Indeed, it is protected to utilize your credit or check card on our site. Greenlandspharmacy.com applies outsider installment handling administrations to handle credit or check card installment exchanges. These are guaranteed installment entryways for making exchanges.

For what reason is the item I got not the same as the picture on your site?

Even though we put forth attempts to guarantee that all the item pictures on our site are indistinguishable from the first medications that you get, here and there real item tone might shift from the photos displayed on the site. We can’t ensure the exact portrayal of the item pictures because your PC screens might have a different variety of settings. Note that the photos displayed on our site are for reference purposes as it were.

Medication-Related Questions

Are your drugs safe?

Totally. The drugs that you buy from our drug store are of the greatest quality. The professionally prescribed prescriptions we give are FDA (Food and Drug Administrations) endorsed. The public authority licenses the producers providing us cures, and every one of the drugs is made and bundled under government watch.

For what reason do your drugs appear to be unique from the ones I get from my neighborhood drug store?

As per Government regulations, conventional pills shouldn’t seem to be exchanged. Thus, the conventional pills you as a rule purchase from neighborhood drug stores appear to be unique from the marked prescriptions, even though both contain similar dynamic fixings and work in unequivocally the same manner.

What are nonexclusive medications?

Conventional medications, otherwise called nonexclusive prescriptions or generics, are medications advertised without trademarks and are recognized as their image name partners in all regards, for example, portion, strength, dynamic fixings, dosing directions, organization course, adequacy, security, and bioavailability. As expected by the FDA and DEA, conventional medications ought to satisfy similar guidelines as set for brand-name partners.

Do you sell nonexclusive medications?

Indeed. Greenlandspharmacy.com sells nonexclusive as well as brand drugs.

How safe is it to utilize nonexclusive medications?

Every one of the nonexclusive meds on our site is obtained from an incredibly famous producer and meets the thorough particulars. They are completely controlled for intensity, security, and quality. By regulation, conventional drugs are bio-likeness their image name prescriptions partners.

For what reason are nonexclusive prescriptions less expensive?

Nonexclusive prescriptions are less expensive than brand-name forms. Not because they are dangerous. They additionally contain a similar dynamic fixing as their image name partners. Conventional medications are more affordable because they may not give similar dynamic fixings. Additionally, brand-name drugs are created by incredibly popular drug organizations after the exploration of quite a while in posh settings. It makes them a lot costlier than conventional medications.

Order Related Questions

What data do I have to accommodate for submitting a request?

To handle your request quickly, we want the accompanying subtleties from you:

  • Your data (name, portable number, email address)
  • Your charging and transporting data (conveyance address)
  • Your solutions (if there should be an occurrence of physician endorsed meds)
  • Your installment subtleties (credit or charge card, or net financial data)

What types of installments do you acknowledge?

Greenlandspharmacy.com acknowledges the accompanying types of installment:

  • Credit/check cards
  • Net banking
  • Online wallets
  • Furthermore, different methods of installments

Is it conceivable to purchase more than one medication from a solitary request?

Without a doubt, you can purchase upwards of ten drugs under a solitary request at our drug store. You may likewise purchase homegrown or over-the-counter items alongside your doctor-prescribed medicine.

Are items costs in US dollars?

Indeed, all item costs cited on our site are in US dollars.

How would you pack my request?

Greenlandspharmacy.com takes the most extraordinary consideration in dealing with and bundling your request. Your request is pressed in processing plant fixed rankle packs in thick bundling. Your bundle is immaculate by human hands.

Are there any secret charges you incorporate?

No. We have no secret charges for any of our items.

Does Greenlandspharmacy.com charge an additional expense for physician-endorsed prescriptions?

No. Greenlandspharmacy.com charges no extra expenses for your physician-endorsed prescriptions request. Every one of the charges is now remembered for the costs displayed on the site.

Conveyance Related Questions

Do you convey items to any area in the United States?

Indeed. We convey our items to any area in the United States.

What amount of time will you require to convey my request?

Our conveyance chiefs normally take 4-7 workdays in conveying your item close to home. Now and again the conveyance time fluctuates relying upon the area as well as the sort of medication you requested.

What sort of cargo does Greenlandspharmacy.com use to deliver my fluid meds request?

Any bundle containing fluid prescriptions will be sent just using street transport. In such cases, if it’s not too much trouble, note that the conveyance time can surpass 2-3 extra working days, contingent upon your definite area.

How might I be aware if my request is delivered or not?

You will receive an email affirmation once your request is affirmed. The mail will have the following subtleties and an ID secret key to follow the situation with your shipment.

Assuming the situation with your request gives off an impression of being “In Transit,” it implies that we have sent your request.

For additional subtleties on your request delivery, you can contact our client care leaders.

How to know the situation with my request?

You can take a look at the ongoing status of your request by just signing into your record. It allows you to follow your request continuously. On the other hand, you can likewise check your request status by calling our client care administration.

Might I at any point drop my request?

To drop your request, send an email solicitation to us. If it’s not too much trouble, note that we can’t drop your request on the off chance that we as of now transport it.

Might I at any point change my conveyance/transporting address after submitting my request?

You can change the conveyance address if your request isn’t sent at this point, and we will convey the bundle at the location of your solicitation. To know further about it, contact our client care chief.

How might you pack my request?

Greenlandspharmacy.com takes the best consideration in dealing with and bundling your request contents. Your request is pressed in plant fixed rankle packs in thick bundling for security. Your bundle is immaculate by human hands.

How might you convey my request?

Your request will be conveyed by our dispatch accomplice conveyance leaders, contingent on your ZIP code.

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